Q.: What information is needed to complete a Vocational Evaluation?

A.: Medical records of primary treating providers or any treating providers, employment records, discharge summaries for surgical or hospital stays, physical therapy treatment summaries (each record is not needed), records of other Vocational Experts, if available, and depositions of the client or treating physicians, if available.

Q.: What percentage of your caseload is plaintiff or defense?

A.: My caseload percentages vary. They are typically close to the 50/50 percentages. There are many factors that may affect my caseload referral types. Usually the most prominenet reason is law, otherwise it has always been up to the referral source and their case needs. I feel that my experience with evaluating both sides has better equipped me to be objective and have a better understanding of how to address both sides of the case and know what angle the other side might be taking.

Q.: How does a Vocational Consultant take into consideration restrictions outlined by a treating physcian?

A.: As a Vocational Expert it is never our expertise to address or provide opinions regarding an individuals physical capacity to perform work. We rely on the opinions of the primary treating physician or physicians who have evaluated the individual in the past to determine the physical capacities of the individual. After obtaining these restrictions or capacities, we are then able to determine what type of work the individual would qualify for based upon their education, training, work history, and transferable skills.

list of questions

  • What is your hourly rate?
  • What is your billing address?
  • Do you provide job placement services?
  • How many evaluations do you conduct a year?
  • What areas of law have you provided expert opinions in?
  • How many times have you provided opinions in a court or deposition setting?
  • Within what radius do you conduct Labor Market Research?
  • What is your turnaround time in obtaining approval for Medicare Set-Asides?