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  • Vocational Assessments/Testing
  • Vocational Evaluations
  • Labor Marketing Research
  • Wage Earning Capacity Evaluations
  • Medical File Review
  • Life Care Planning
  • Medical Costs Analysis
  • Medicare Set-Asides
  • Job Placement Training
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Vocational Counseling

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Vocational Evaluations and Vocational Assessments

Some experts utilize the above terms interchangeably. Vocational Evaluations include: a medical file review, an in person evaluation, review of work history/education/training, transferable skills analysis, in order to draw conclusions regarding employability. Vocational Assessments are similar; however, also include aptitude and achievement testing as opposed to an evaluation, primarily utilized when assessing educational needs or training program success.

Labor Market Research

It is not uncommon for a referral source to ask for preliminary research of the labor market prior to meeting with the individual in person. For the defense, this research can be forwarded to the physician to clarify the restrictions that are outlined. For the plaintiff, it is important to review this research as it may not take into consideration the minimum requirements of the individual or their full restrictions as they may not have conducted an in person evaluation.

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Wage Earning Capacity Evaluations

These opinions are typically used in family law matters in dissolution of marriage cases or in civil court cases in personal injury matters. This evaluation provides the court information as to the value that the person holds in the labor market basesd upon their education, traning, work history, transferable skills, and/or medical restrictions, if any exist. Although a person may have a value in the labor market, it doesn't mean that the individual is forced to achieve that capacity, they just may not receive addtional benefits that may be available to them.


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