LIST of questions

  • What is your hourly rate?
    Dynamic Vocational Consulting charges an hourly rate for any vocational, medical, or consultative work completed on your file. Wage Earning Capacity Evaluations offer a flat rate which may defer to our hourly rate when services outside of the flat rate inclusion are offered. Dynamic Vocational Consulting also accepts Visa/Mastercard as a method of payment. Retainers also exist for initiation of services which may be applied to future work on the case. In all cases, when future work on the case is not initiated, the retainer serves as a listing retainer for our involvement on the case. Please contact our office for a copy of our current fee schedule.
  • What is your billing address?
    Our billing address is the same as our physical address: 2320 3rd Street South, Suite 2, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
  • Do you provide job placement services?
    We provide job placement services which include: job seeking skills training, resume preparation, job identification education, interview process training, dressing for success, labor market research education, and job placement counseling.
  • How many evaluations do you conduct a year?
    I conduct approximately 2-5 evaluations a week. On an annual basis I conduct approximately 100-200 evaluations per year.
  • What areas of law have you provided expert opinions in?
    I have testified in Personal Injury, Longshore, Workers' Compensation (varying states in the US), Defense Base Act, Family Law, and Civil court cases.
  • How many times have you provided opinions in court or deposition setting?
    I have provded vocational expert opinions in over several hundred cases in a variety of jurisdictions. Although I may conduct hundreds of forensic related evaluations a year, I may not offer expert witness testimony due to varying reasons such as the status of the economy, the motivator of both parties to mediate/settle cases, changes in law, as well as other subjective/objective factors.
  • Within what radius do you conduct Labor Market Research?
    The industry standard in conducting labor market research is within a 50 mile radius of the individuals home. Federal Longshore and Florida Workers' Compensation law also outlines this in the qualifications for permanent and total disability.
  • What is your turnaround time in obtaining approval for Medicare Set-Asides?
    The approval rate for MSA's can vary from one month to six months.